Lake Forest

Uptown Lake Forest hosts destination upscale shopping boutiques and local staples.

Welcome to Lake Forest

Lake Forest is a city of 19,173. Originally developed along Lake Michigan in 1857, it was designed by the captains of industry and social elite to be secluded from the dangerous socialist ideas brought to Chicago by eastern and southern European immigrants of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Lake Forest played an important role in the Underground Railroad during and after the Civil War. Today Lake Forest's storied tradition of protecting the environment continues. Open Lands Association was started in 1967 to protect disappearing open spaces and has protected an additional 700 acres within the city of virgin prairie and nature preserves. Uptown Lake Forest hosts destination upscale shopping boutiques and local staples like bakery, bike, shoe, ice cream, and book stores, and coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants. Former Market Square's anchor store Marshall Fields was the first of the suburban locations Marshall Field opened in his hometown so friends could shop without going into Chicago.


Affordable Places to Live

Median Household Income - $185,594

Median Home Value - $903,571

Housing Affordability Index - 101

Adults with 201(k) - 23.00%

Education & Career Opportunities

Unemployment Rate - 3.70%

Population With Bachelor's Degree or Higher - 75.50%

Population in the Workforce - 57.80%

Food Scene

Adults Drank Beer in Last 6 Months - 50.00%

Restaurants per Capita - 20.70

Adults who Dined Out - 65.20%

Average Annual Spending on Lunch Out - $2,877.00


Love Where You Live

Volunteerism Rate - 29.30%

Voting - 68.20%

Local Participation, Served on Local Committee - 12.10%

Diversity Index - 25.10



Population Has Health Insurance - 97.40%

Population Jogged in the Past Year - 21.20%

Hospitals per Capita - 3.11

Households Used Organic Food in Last 6 Months - 38.50%


Real Estate

Average Mortgage Amount - $2,831.50

Median Rent - $1,653.00

Homes Owned - 83.70%

Homes Rented - 16.30%



Population Went to Art Gallery Last Year - 16.40%

Population Attended Live Theater Last Year - 21.30%

Population Went to a Zoo Last Year - 15.10%

Population Attended a Sporting Event Last Year - 24.30%



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